Mobile Application Development

iOS Apps


Based on SWIFT/OBJ-C language, iOS apps are built from the ground as per your business criteria. If your target audience is majorly from United States or your product is solely focused on Apple smartphone users, then constructing an iOS app for your product or website is the surefire way to increase the potential audience reach and achieve substantial growth performance! This makes your product a native app for the iOS platform which can be found in it’s Appstore i.e., a platform where all the mobile apps are authorised for distribution and ready to download for the users. This makes your product or website accessible through an icon on the home screen of the Apple smartphone device.


Android Apps

Android has the vast smartphone user base accounting to almost 86% of the entire smartphone users. With this wide user base comes a diversity and that’s the various kinds of smartphone devices rolled out every now and then. This is due to the fact that Android is a open source software and is customised by every smartphone company to suit their own device compatibility. Android apps are developed on Java and can be optimised in such a way to be responsive on various display measurements. If your just starting out or your major target is Asian or African countries, Android app is your best bet to showcase your product or website to your target audience.


Cross Platform Apps

Native apps usually end up being highly priced and doesn’t fit for a small start-up company since native apps are diversified by their own languages, OS Platforms and device compatibility. Rolling out a native app for both iOS and Android incurs high costs and developers who are capable of coding in both Java for Android and Swift/OBJ-C for iOS which is usually hard to implement. This leaves the stakeholder to hire two different app developing teams for each OS platform. To overcome this scenario, cross-platform app development is the most apt solution which is very cost-effective and has simple implementation methods. Cross platform apps are capable of running on multiple OS platforms with specific shell codes based on React JS, enclosing the entire website or application. This makes the core program of the website unchanged and saves us the complicated tasks of constructing the same application multiple times for every different OS.

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