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Data – Migration

Launching new apps for your business or switching servers between two different operating systems, involves compatibility issues. To overcome database compatibility issues while migrating to a new platform with the same data, needs a structured migration process. With data migration, it’s a process of handling the existing data and copying or transferring it to a completely new host or hardware that complies with their new platform. Though it might sound simple, data migration varies accordingly as per the type of migration process involved... Learn More

Web Design and Development

Everything starts with a website, to take your ideas online and turn them into a successful online business! Your website is the platform and the only reliable gateway through which you’re about to open your business to whole new mass! This requires the pre-planning the infrastructure, the business strategy, design and the concept by which it is deemed to run.To do this, we have to segregate the whole initial process into two basic categories and they are website design and development.It may also require further additional customized features as per your requirements which can be seen in detail below ...Learn More

Custom Software Development

Polotrendz is one of the prime web application development companies in India; we are expertise in offering world-class web applications for global clients. Our talented web developers implement latest technology methods to build unique web applications that suit your business needs. We are being a veteran in developing exceptional web applications that are secure, reliable and automated for your business process. We identify your custom requirements and thrive on to build a complete solution that meets your evolving business ... Learn More

Logo / Graphic designs

We are expertise in serving all levels of businesses with our technical competence and domain knowledge. Responsive website design is the process of presenting all prominent information in the best way for accessing. With Polotrendz, you can own a high-quality responsive website with great UI catered for your precise business goals. Our proficiency lies with web design, website template design, small business website design, e-commerce website design, website graphic design, business website design, corporate identity design, logo design, brochure design, banner design, E-catalog and e-publishing services and more... Learn More

E-commerce & online retail development

Polotrendz has become a leading organization in eCommerce website development services. An eCommerce web store is an essential solution to reach the potential customers; to make your online business successful, a company needs a comprehensive multi-channel website with warehousing, customer support, payment gateway, product categorization, maintenance and merchandising. Our expertise developers provide both multi-channel and integrated omni-channel eCommerce solution that covers all your custom requirements. We build the simplified eCommerce website by implementing the latest technologies that are used in all popular e-stores. Automate your business through your preferred E-commerce platform and boost your sales today!Learn More

Digital Marketing services

Every business needs some sort of marketing to take it’s presence to the audience’s view and monetise it from there. When it comes to marketing, you’ve got multiple modes to accomplish the task and the most famous method is “Digital Marketing”. We provide a wide range of digital marketing solutions for your business and help you optimise your business online to make huge returns! It has various channels of marketing presence like SEO, SMM, SMO, PAID Ads, Complete On-Page optimization and climbing the ranks on SERPs based on famous search engines like Google, Bing, etc ., With a global presence for your business, it's a hands down win-win situation in raking that ROI ... Learn More

Mobile Application Development

From huge gaming companies to small utilities softwares have transformed their web-applications or the complete websites to a simple mobile app which a user can download them from their native app store. This enables retaining customers with high potential converting audience who already have your websites or applications downloaded to their smartphones for regular use. This way they don’t have the necessity to access your website with the hassles of remembering your website address every time they try to use your service. Learn More
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To attain perfection is everything to us, so we evaluate ourself based on the client's project completion time. By a way which we keep driving us from within to reach new higher working standards like never before! Stay Motivated-Stay Focused is our outline theme at PoloTrendz!

What our clients say

“We have been using these guys for quite some years now for all our web-projects related fulfillments. I am pleased to say that their deliverables are simply the best and have engaged with them in more future projects! Brace for more complicated apps to make in the upcoming days, team!”

Lynde M.

“It’s really wonderful working with Polotrendz team. The approach by the developers was so dignified and detailed to cater my specific requirements. Post launch of our product amassed a lot of appreciation which helped to sky-rocket our IoT business!”

Anais Y

“I just don’t have enough words to describe the sharp-edge GUI design developed for our e-commerce store. We had a very complicated requirement to fulfil by Polotrendz, to design a unique GUI with a streak of back-end dynamic functionalities. They lived upto the mark and made our application happen! Thank You! Man, this thing is getting better and better as I learn more about it.”