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SEO plays the most vital role to any moneysite, that’s completed and on course of reaping conversions and profits. Boost your websites to the front page of GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO, AOL & across many other search engines, based on relevant keywords searches pertaining to your business modal. With careful keyword research and analysation combined with diversified On-Page & Off-Page optimization, we help you boost your money site to the top rankings in famous search engines’ organic SERP results. A keyword ranking on the first page of Google is absolutely possible with reliable search engine friendly optimization techniques. You’ll learn more about our SEO services and the affordable pricing of each package HERE.



For clients who are ready to make that extra leap to broadcast their brands through paid advertising across multiple search engines, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the right choice. We analyse your ad budget and brand ads requirement, then carefully allot the budget across various media platforms. This way we help you reach a larger audience with the minimal budget possible. Optimization of ad images, ad content, banner placements, budget allocation, low CPC achievement and higher ROI are some of the major factors that will be taken considered while running your ads with us!


Pay-Per-Click [PPC]

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is a common type of payment modal for your ads running across a vast majority of advertising platforms today. Through PPC method, advertiser (typically the website or the product owner) is charged when there’s a click action taken on the ad that was ran for their brand or product through an advertising portal. For the publishers its the amount of money they are paid for each click on average for the ads they run for the advertisers using their own advertising methods. Both PPC and CPC are almost the same and is the most cost-effective and targeted forms of marketing in the online advertising industry.



When Search engines are not your cup of tea when it comes to paid advertising, then SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (SMM) is your way to go! SMM involves buying adspace, setting up fan pages, designing creative ad images relevant to the niche or product, making a post go viral through boost posts, lead generation, boosting your website traffic, gaining traffic for specific pages and much more! Buying adspace on social media platforms opens access to billions of users worldwide and helps us drill down to a very targeted audience. This helps us reach the right set of audience that suits your niche. For example, you can target passing out high school students for educational offers which would help you achieve more ROI than spraying the ads across irrelevant audience. It’s all about targeting when it comes to any type of advertising.



SMO is the process of gaining the most number of social media outlets to reach all types of audience scattered across various social media platforms. Optimizing the social media accounts of your brand helps you reach billions of users worldwide which would also help you gain a remarkable fanbase for your product! This gives you residual income through organic traffic which comes through the already earned fanbase! Proper SMO helps promote your brand organically without any adspend and leaves you with residual ROI gains for a very long time!


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