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Custom Software vs Pre-Designed Softwares.

Pre-Designed Softwares

A project’s need usually falls into this phase, when the requirement is a bit simple and doesn’t require much customization features! For example, when the project’s need is to establish a billing software for it’s own chain of online or offline stores, then the necessities are weighed and if they fall under basic requirements of billing, the usage of pre-designed softwares with basic customization as per the needs of the client is required. Pages, Microsoft OS, word, acrobat, etc., are pre-designed softwares that can be used for some specific needs. They possess all the fundamentals in getting the job done it’s own criteria and when the client’s needs does fit, these softwares come handy! Their costs are pre-defined and available public for their own personal or business usage. The drawbacks are that you can only use those features that are made available on the software and doesn’t really meet any specific unique requirements unless they are already made available by the manufacturer. With Pre-Designed software packages, usually people end up paying more for it while they use only a few features on the software.

  • Readily available for public.
  • Patent rights not applicable.
  • Wide range of features.
  • Not applicable for custom needs.
  • Lacks unique interface.

Custom Softwares

When all existing pre-designed softwares fail to meet your unique needs, then custom software development is the way to establish your online presence! Custom software kicks in when your requirements are in contrast to the readily available user softwares for the mass market and none of which is compatible for your project. This comes with it’s own special customized features and patent rights. Every big player in the digital media, use their own custom software to stand out from the crowd. For example, all financial institutions use their own custom softwares that deem fit to handle all their financial operations and to keep the transactions uber secure. Custom software development falls into a set of processes where the requirement, turn around time, project budget and due date are all discussed with the client by our team. Then it’s taken to further designing and development steps in different methodologies either Scrum or Waterfall which we’ll discuss more about it here.

  • Unique Inventory, HR & Content management system.
  • Crafted for your special requirements.
  • Controls incurring costs.
  • Secure data infrastructure.
  • Custom designed and developed.
  • Patented for your own use.
  • Robust technology and interface.

How it’s done

Project Analysation

The project takes off with a discussion between the client and the development team, weighing all the aspects and prerequisites for the custom software. This also helps us evaluate the budget, turn around time required and the type of technology to be implemented. Crispier and more userinteractive friendly methods are assessed into a to-do list, which later forwarded to the development & designing departments on the approval of the client.

  • Project Discussion and Analysation.
  • Scrum or Waterfall Methodology.
  • Runs by the sprints.
  • Organised team work.
  • Reduces costs and completion time.
  • Veteran Devs & Designers.

UI & UX Design

The user interface and experience is vital for any project. The UI & UX (User Interface & User Experience) plays a major role and can be a huge boost to the overall experience of a webdevelopment project. A great design gives a more user friendly presence and pumps up revenue on the course of digital marketing. After the terms and conditions of a project is carefully discussed and post approval of the same, the team forwards the whole set of to-do list to the designing team for the UI & UX architect. The design is subject to the approval of the client and can be reviewed or revised as per the client’s need before freezing the final one!

  • Unique user interface.
  • Guaranteed Zero-lag experience.
  • Frequent report submission.
  • Multi-revision option.
  • Ready to integrate new features & upgrades.

Development & Testing process

Streamlined development process with customer friendly support and multi-review methodologies. It starts with the list of tasks forwarded from the client to our development team, which later picks them up and run by a sprint schedule! This keeps the tasks on time and helps improve upgradation with efficient reviewal process. Any task that’s incomplete or needs a revision, will get back in a new cycle and have them run on a new sprint schedule. This keeps the client’s expectations on track with the final product meeting it’s actual requirement with no compromise on the user-friendliness. All tasks goes through a sprint cycle and get’s either approved by the client or forwarded back again for revisal.

  • Tasks timed by the sprints.
  • Cycle methodology for re-edits.
  • Easy feature upgradations with robust interface.
  • Business analysation & competitive reports.
  • Secure infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Effortless Patentability.
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