Polotrendz Pvt LTD is your final destination to a wide range of web-development and web based outsourcing needs. We’re a thriving off-shore site fulfilling a great deal of web-development solutions to our clients from all over the world since 2011. We intake projects from clients who has specific needs and fulfil them at an affordable cost. Our services range from constructing a client’s requirement with the right web technology ranging from a complete website architecture, development, unique website related designing concepts, E-Commerce & online retail platforms development (based on OpenCart, Magento, WooCommerce, OsCommerce, Shop-Script, Shopify, etc), a large menu of digital marketing services, Mobile application development based on iOS & Android, E-Publishing, Data Migration, hosting support & maintenance and custom software development. Our focus is to deliver what we promise the clients within the right time frame with due diligence. We keep our working frameworks updated to the latest versions to yield the maximum outcome from the given projects. Apart from all the services that we offer, there’s a special Virtual Assistance sector to manage existing web-projects like, be it a simple database management for your website, fulfilling orders on your e-commerce store, managing the customer interactions on your chatbox, database maintenance of your custom CRM software, etc., Hiring Virtual Assistants from us, makes your job easy and worry less about the management part by outsourcing the daily chores on your website, leaving all the manual tasks to us, by assigning an exclusive VA for the purpose. The TAT we propose for all projects falls often beyond the actual time-frame we require for the completion of the task. This helps us stay ahead in track when it comes to promptness and quality work deliverance. If you’re a business outsourcer looking for a cost effective option to complete a project task, just hit us up and we will get it done as right as rain. We work with business developers and end-users majorly from Australia, Canada, U.K and U.S.A.

Our Mission

We have served our clients whole heartedly from all over the world and, with Polotrendz, it’s not just about getting more and more projects but having returning clients with extremely high work satisfaction! Your projects are streamlined in such a manner, that it’s carefully sculpted step by step with utmost care and niche expertise. We’ve got the right team to spike up your start-up endeavour and gain positivity from your customers. We have taken down many complications on a given project and have got it done to the client’s amazement. Our goal is to gain your trust, through our work productivity and efficacy!

Our Vision

Polotrendz team strives hard to get their hands on more global friendly projects that keeps our earth warm and green in their own ways! We’ve also taken a step further to establish our free digital labour on many NGO web-projects that comes from our clients from around the world, which serves by saving and nurturing helpless children affected by drought, famine, natural calamities, war inflicted areas and social awareness for a good cause!